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Design and Manufacture of Precision Mold System

 We can machine materials ranging from general metals and alloys to hard materials such as alloy tool steels and cemented carbide super hard alloys with an accuracy of 1 micron. We provide precision mold systems for hard materials such as ceramics to manufacturing industries in various fields in the world. Our unique advanced surface modification technology is utilized to improve wear and fatigue failure resistance of components of the mold system. For example, ceramic green sheets, sintered ceramic sheets, and powdered molding ceramics can be machined with precision.


Ayabe High Technolory Factory

Address 28, Ariokacho, Ayabe-shi, Kyoto, 623-0006, Japan
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Winning Prizes

  • 疲労き裂自己抑止機能を有する鋼板、発明協会 大阪優秀発明賞(特許第3298544号)平成16年1月
  • 疲労き裂進展を自己抑制する新機能厚鋼板の開発、日本金属学会 技術開発賞 平成16年9月
  • 高硬質(Ti,B)N薄膜の作製と構造解析、プラズマ応用科学会 論文賞 平成21年3月
  • International Symposium on Applied Plasma Science 2011 PAPER AWARD 平成21年3月